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In essence, the media gallery allows you to share images, verbal messages, short movies and your own music. More technically speaking, the media gallery includes the ability to upload/download the following file extensions: jpg, gif, png, aif, au, avi, mid, mov, mp3, mpg, wav, ra, rm.

Please only submit suitable and appropriate files, which are respectful to others and not subjected to any copyright laws. To view a full list of terms and conditions Click Here.

Should you have technical difficulties, suggestions for additional sections to be included in the gallery, or if you are interested in running your own subcategory, please Contact Us so we may assist you.

It is recommend that you do not download any files until validation has been completed as to their content. Downloading any files that have not been validated by the board administrators is entirely at your own risk.

Anyone found abusing our trust will be banned from this website immediately, and, further measures will be taken against anyone posting illegal material.


If you have any questions regarding the depression media gallery, please don't hesitate to:

 Contact Us

"I confirm I understand the nature of this depression related media gallery. I also confirm that I have read this website's Disclaimer and understand that this is a peer support environment for depression." 


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